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PB Oats Protein Scoop

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6g Protein, 4g Fiber, 18 Net Carbs. 
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Say hello to guilt-free indulgence with our PB Oat Protein Scoops! Crafted with your well-being in mind, these scrumptious scoops combine the best of both worlds—taste and nutrition. They're packed with fiber-rich oats, protein-filled peanut butter, and the wholesome goodness of flax and chia seeds, all sweetened to perfection with natural honey and a hint of chocolate chips. These scoops are more than just a treat; they're your new go-to source for balanced nutrition in a delicious package.It’s 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and always vegan-friendly. And it’s just 201 calories! These nutrient-rich protein scoops are just heavenly!

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**Ingredient Spotlight:**

- **Oats**: Provide a complex carbohydrate source that’s high in fiber, aiding in sustained energy release and digestive health.

- **Peanut Butter**: Offers a hearty dose of protein and healthy fats, essential for muscle repair and overall well-being.

- **Flax Seeds**: A powerhouse of Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, these seeds are beneficial for heart health.

- **Honey**: Adds a touch of natural sweetness, while also imparting antibacterial and antifungal properties.

- **Chocolate Chips**: Not just for taste, but also for a dash of antioxidants and serotonin-boosting compounds.

- **Chia Seeds**: These tiny seeds are rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants, and fiber, making them a nutritional gem.

**Texture & Taste:**

The oats and chia seeds lend a chewy, hearty texture while the peanut butter provides a creamy richness that melds perfectly with the melting chocolate chips. The flax seeds add a subtle nutty layer, and the honey offers a hint of natural sweetness that ties it all together.

**Nutritional Benefits:**

Loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, these scoops are not just a treat but a balanced source of nutrition. They are perfect as a pre-workout snack, a post-workout recovery aid, or simply as a healthier option to satisfy those sweet cravings.


Ideal for on-the-go snacking, these PB Oat Protein Scoops can be enjoyed at any time of day. Whether you're heading to the gym, stuck in a meeting, or just lounging at home, these nutrient-packed bites are a convenient and delicious way to fuel your body.

Experience the joy of snacking without the guilt with our PB Oat Protein Scoops!



* = Organic | Contains: Peanuts, Coconut

Made the way
nature intended.

benefit icon 100% Dairy-Free
benefit icon 100% Gluten-Free
benefit icon Always Vegan-Friendly